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The big five sales skills * The four habits of mind
The three hooks that bind our actions to our intentions
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I feel honored to have coached people in these organizations and many more.

From small town agents to global giants the common obstacles to individual sales growth always emerge - as do the common threads boost to effectiveness.

More Tools to Help You Execute Anything!

The SteadySales Chart

This elegant tool is designed to help you connect your destiny to what you must do today. This bi-fold, 11×17 inch worksheet helps you prioritize monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals that directly support your mission, vision and destiny.

This is a useful tool if you believe your destiny is shaped by the things you do, day after day, after day. 


The SteadySales Navigator

This action planning tool will help you achieve complex objectives in a specified time; typically no less than one month and no more than one year.

Break down big goals into manageable chunks to see major milestones, obstacles, success factors, objectives and resources in one place. Print unlimited 11×17 inch copies to keep your goals, and action items front and center.


The SteadySales Log Book

This little booklet packs a big punch to help you complete anything that you wish to accomplish in 90 day sprints. It is divided into the same three-part section for twelve weeks: The Weekly Plan (my priorities), The Daily Log (my actions & observations), and The Weekly Review (wins, lessons, what's next)

The CSR Handbook of Essential Sales Wisdom

Your core function as a CSR represents the cornerstone of your organization’s reason for being:  To help clients recover when the people, places and things they value are hurt or lost. To support you, this handbook is a combination instruction manual, troubleshooting guide, and source of inspiration to help you through the principals and the pitfalls of selling while you serve. 
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What Clients say

“He definitely got us out of our comfort zone…and it’s great on the other side! Our multi-line results are proof of his sales effectiveness. Our multi-lines increased 50% over previous years.“
Diane T. Keil-Hipp, COO, Knight Insurance
“He delivers high-energy and very engaging live presentation. In my 18 years at the agency, I have never had a program more well-received than this one. The reviews and results from our staff have been fantastic.”
Mark E. Donaldson, COO, Dimond Brothers Insurance
We found our team using Sheldon’s strategies and by 6 months our ask rate doubled. Results and attitudes following closely behind!!! Sheldon came with a wealth of knowledge and worked with our team to make this program a success.
Shelley MacRae, CIP, Personal Lines Manager, Cooke Insurance Group
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Your Steady Sales Coach

As a living laboratory for my own study, I have spent thousands of hours coaching soldiers, skiers, white water rafters, insurance agents and athletes of all ages around the world. 

With a masterful blend of behavioral science book-smarts and industry specific street-smarts, I will help you serve better so you can sell more.

If you want to know more about me, how I coach or why you should study with me, you can do so at

Tools to Help You Execute Anything

CSRs Handbook of Essential Sales Wisdom

The SteadySales Navigator (Long Range Action Planing)

An action planning tool to help achieve complex objectives in a specified time; typically no less than one month and no more than one year.

The SteadySales Log Book

The SteadySales Chart (Short & Long term goal attainment)

Connect your destiny to your day. Prioritize long-term goals that support your that directly support your mission, vision and destiny.


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