CSRs Handbook of Essential Sales Wisdom by Sheldon Snodgrass

CSRs Handbook of Essential Sales Wisdom

This free booklet distills into seven chapters what are classically known as the seven steps to the sales process. The beauty and power of this handbook are derived from the distillation of each step into the same five component parts: The Principal, never what you think it is. The Pitfall, our misapprehensions about the principal. The Payoff, what we get with mastery. Your Move, a single, next action. Your Inspiration, a dose of encouragement.

Three-minute video of what's inside.

Your core function as a CSR represents the cornerstone of your organization’s reason for being:  To help clients recover when the people, places and things they value are hurt or lost. To support you, this handbook is a combination instruction manual, troubleshooting guide, and source of inspiration to help you through the principals and the pitfalls of selling while you serve.

What's included?

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The CSR Handbook of Essential Sales Wisdom
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