Insurance CSR Sales Master Class by Sheldon Snodgrass

Insurance CSR Sales Master Class

Ignite your sales confidence, comfort and success as you become a catalyst for agency growth and client retention. Through six, entertaining, self-paced lessons you will cross sell and upsell, handle objections, generate referrals and close new business inquiries with greater consistency and joy.

Course Introduction

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This 7-minute video explains how the course works, what you'll learn, and how you can make it stick.

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What's in the course

Introduction: How to get the most out of this course
CSR Master Class Intro.mp4
7 mins
Module 1: Increase Your Service Task to Sales Ask Effectiveness
Module 1.1 Seven words to bridge from service task to sales ask
7 mins
My Guesstimator Worksheet
72.3 KB
My Three Metric Tracking Sheet
70.5 KB
Module 1.2 The power of these seven words
5 mins
My Script Generator Worksheet
72 KB
Module 1.3 Our innate negativity bias
3 mins
Module 1.4 Surmount three ever present obstacles
6 mins
My Sales Emotion Pulse Checker Worksheet
70.6 KB
My Self Coaching Affirmation Worksheet
71.9 KB
Full video Module 1 Service Task to Sales Ask
19 mins
Module 2: Improve Your Outbound Call Effectiveness
Module 2.1 Avoid follow-up purgatory
2 mins
Module 2.2 Four-part voice message
3 mins
My Negativity Bias Indicator Worksheet
72 KB
Module 2.3 Four-part voice message and email mail template
7 mins
My Voicemail and Email Template Generator
72.8 KB
Module 2.4 Three things needed to keep outbound calls cooking
5 mins
My Customer Segmentation Worksheet
72 KB
Module 2.5 Professional persistence pays
5 mins
My Call Goal and Process Declaration Worksheet
67.8 KB
FULL Module 2 v3.mp4
21 mins
Module 3: Boost Your Inbound, New Business Closing Rate
Module 3.1 Three core beliefs
5 mins
My Current Intake Question Inventory
72 KB
Module 3.2 Five powerful, non-underwriting questions
6 mins
My Value beyond Price Worksheet
72.3 KB
My Business Differentiator Worksheet
72.1 KB
Module 3.3 Four levers to closing the call
7 mins
My Silent Role-Play Worksheet
72.4 KB
FULL Module 3 v3.mp4
17 mins
Module 4: Handle Objections with Ease and Trial Close Without Sounding Pushy
Module 4.1 The E.R.A.R.A. (Desire for outcome vs. Attachment to outcome)
13 mins
The Reason I Ask worksheet
72.7 KB
Module 4.2 Tap your inner power by reconnecting to the nobility of your work
4 mins
My Noble Profession Connection Worksheet
72.3 KB
My Intention and Desire Worksheet
70.5 KB
Full video Module 4 Handling Objections.mp4
16 mins
Module 5: Generate More High Quality Referrals
Module 5.1. The "Oh, by the way" Method
4 mins
My Referral Request Template Generator Worksheet
72.3 KB
Module 5.2 The Explicit Ask Method
4 mins
My Explicit Introduction Request Template Generator Worksheet
72 KB
Module 5.3. Cultivate Centers of Influence
15 mins
My Who Do I Know List Worksheet
72 KB
My Center of Influence Discovery Questionnaire
70.5 KB
My Service Mantra Creator Worksheet
72.1 KB
Full video Module 5 Generate More Referrals
22 mins
Module 6: Integration: Achieve Long Lasting Success in Area of Your Life
Module 6.1 v2.mp4
5 mins
My Personal Improvement Goal Statement Worksheet
72.1 KB
Module 6.2. The Four Habits of Mind
11 mins
My Personal BTFAR Formula
72.4 KB
My Keystone Habit Experimentation Worksheet
72.8 KB
My Negative Self Talk Identifier Worksheet
72.1 KB
Module 6.3. The Three Hooks That Bind Action to Intention
8 mins
My Personal Desire for Change Gauge
68 KB
Module 6.4 Conclusion - Just get started
2 mins
Module 6 v3 Full Video
24 mins

What Customers say about my coaching

“He definitely got us out of our comfort zone…and it’s great on the other side! Our multi-line results are proof of his sales effectiveness. Our multi-lines increased 50% over previous years.“
Diane T. Keil-Hipp, COO, Knight Insurance
“He delivers high-energy and very engaging live presentation. In my 18 years at the agency, I have never had a program more well-received than this one. The reviews and results from our staff have been fantastic.”
Mark E. Donaldson, COO, Dimond Brothers Insurance
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