The SteadySales Log Book by Sheldon Snodgrass

The SteadySales Log Book

"The Faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory." What do you want to do? What did you say you would do? What did you actually do? And what did you learn from the comparison. Record and reset. Do this week after week after week and you will arrive precisely where you need to be .

3-Minute video tour of the SteadySales Log Book

This quick video walks you through the key components of the logbook. Used properly, this tool creates the  daily opportunity to ask yourself some critical questions about how you are accomplishing and balancing the things that you want to do, must do, why, and what lessons you can carry forward to win the next day.

What's included?

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The SteadySales Log Book
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3-minute video tour of the SteadySales Log Book
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